A Coin For Gamers

Wyvern was created to provide a coin that is easily accessible to gamers. Using the NIST5 algorithm, gamers can mine on their preferred GPU (or CPU at a lower rate) without ASIC interference, and without a major penalty for NVIDIA GPUs.  This gives everyone a fair chance to contribute to the network.


Wyvern may be exchanged for Steam items/games, as well as many popular MMO items. This is done to ensure the coin has a fighting chance to take hold in the market, and allow the coin to branch out from there as a community. When designing the coin, our team struggled with how to assign the coin value.  We didn't want to do a pre-sale or pre-mine, so instead we decided to provide a Virtual Exchange to provide the coin with value straight out of the gate.  

Note: The trading system is currently under development.


NIST5 was chosen due to causing lower operating temperatures than other algorithms (see graph below). 

Hybrid Consensus

A FAIR LAUNCH is of the utmost importance to us.  Using a Pow/Pos hybrid system ensures the coin has longevity long past its mining peak, while Pos will encourage the retention of coin.


Block Explorer:

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