Get Involved

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Project Wyvern is a community-driven effort; we’re always excited to join forces with new contributors.

Service Providers

Run an exchange? Interested in starting a Wyvern pool? Want to support Wyvern in your wallet application?

Wyvern follows the standard Bitcoin RPC API and is easy to integrate. If you require any assistance, contact us. Once you’ve finished your integration, let us know and we’ll list you under Service Providers.

Wyvern Exchange

Currently under development, the Wyvern Exchange will allow users to buy and sell virtual merchandise peer-to-peer using Wyvern. We’re particularly on the lookout for designers and frontend developers - if you might be interested, get in touch and send over a brief portfolio demonstrating past work.

Core Development

Read over the core development roadmap - if you think you can help, get in touch - or just submit a pull request.

Website Contributions

This website is a public Github repository, built using Jekyll. To write a guest post, simply submit a pull request.