Technical Overview

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Emission Schedule

Proof-of-work emission is capped at 12,000,000 WYV (twelve million). Proof-of-stake generates 5% (five percent) annually, uncapped non-dilutionary - staking coin holders receive stake rewards proportional to their holdings.

Proof-of-Work / Proof-of-Stake Algorithm

For proof-of-work, Wyvern uses the NIST5 hashing algorithm, which sequences the five final-round candidates in the National Institute of Science and Technology’s SHA-3 hash competition. NIST5 is ASIC-resistant and draws substantially less power on GPUs while mining than Scrypt, SHA3, or X11/X13.

Premine / ICO

Wyvern does not have a premine. The coin launch was public. There was not, and there will not be, an ICO or equivalent.

A small amount of funding had been taken out-of-band by a previous development group to develop the Wyvern Exchange - the group ran into difficulties and instead chose to return the funds to investors in full. The current development team is not formally funded. You’re welcome to donate!