Getting Started with Wyvern

less than 1 minute read

Choose Your Wallet

Windows / Mac OS X / Linux

Binary Releases

Find the latest release on the Releases page of the official Wyvern Github repository.

Building from Source

See the repository for instructions if you wish to build Wyvern yourself.


An officially maintained Docker image is autobuilt from the Wyvern source repository.

If you have Docker, launching a Wyvern node will take only a minute:

$ mkdir ~/.wyvern
$ echo 'rpcuser=xyz\nrpcpassword=xyz' > ~/.wyvern/wyvern.conf
$ docker run -d -v ~/.wyvern:/root/.wyvern --name wyvern protinam/wyvern /root/wyvern/src/wyvernd

Once you’ve launched the image, run commands through Docker:

$ docker exec wyvern /root/wyvern/src/wyvernd getinfo

Acquire some Wyvern

An official faucet is soon-to-come. For now, the easiest way to acquire Wyvern is by mining some at a pool or buying some at an exchange - examine your options at Service Providers.